Practice Field Request Form

Fill out this form to submit a practice or make-up game field request. To report problems related to the on-line form, please contact For questions related to field requests and availability, please contact When a form is successfully submitted, you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation within an hour, check your spam folder before contacting support.

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Use Surface Comp/Rec.
AP 1    Full s.GrassComp
AP 2    U12GrassComp
AP 3    U11-U12GrassComp
AP 4    U10GrassComp
Lincoln MS    Full/U10GrassComp
Raimondi Turf    Full s.TurfComp
Raimondi Grass    Full s.GrassComp
Wood MS    U10-U11GrassComp
Caldecott FS    Full s.GrassRec
Caldecott U10    U10GrassRec
Caldecott Pod D    U8GrassRec
Caldecott Pod E    U8GrassRec
Chabot    U8GrassRec
Lowell U10    U10GrassRec
Lowell U12    U12GrassRec
Bushrod    U8-U12GrassRec
Estuary    U10GrassRec
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Permit times vary with fields. You must click on a radio button to make the corresponding drop-down list appear.
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1 2 3
Rec teams may request only one practice per week.
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  Practice   Scrimmage
Field requests for tournaments, league games, and make-up games must be requested using the Home Game Field Request Form.
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The number of days selected in each row above must match the number of practices per week.
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